Mood Boards

Creating a mood board is a great way to start thinking about the styles, shapes, colours and textures you love. Whether it’s new furnishings, a particular room, an interior makeover or total renovation?

A mood board is simply a curated collection of images and elements that help define your style. Often the best way to get started is to gather ideas from interior magazines, Instagram or Pinterest.

I’ve created a series of mood boards in a range of different styles to inspire your creative process. If you’d like to talk to me about creating a mood board for your space please get in touch.

Boho Luxe

I love the idea of boho style, but for me it still needs to be comfortable, luxurious and adaptable. That’s what I’ve tried to do with the furniture and decorator pieces I’ve chosen for this boho mood board. I started with the larger, more expensive items like the sofa and the chair. They’re comfortable and work with the boho look, yet still contemporary enough to work with any style. This means the room could be updated in the future without replacing these expensive items. I then sourced the more rustic furniture, the rattan coffee table and console and finally added the details that really say “boho” – the patterned floor rug, light fittings, cushions and decorator pieces. 

Modern Urban

A city apartment requires a modern urban look to go with it. Clean lines, beautiful textures
and a pop of colour.

The colour palette is quite moody and sophisticated, so it’s perfect if you like colour,
but want something that’s timeless and easy to live with. The dark rug on a neutral floor
helps define the living area within the space.

The curves in the coffee table, the armchair and light fitting soften the square lines
of the other pieces. The contemporary artwork and patterned cushion add interest
and excitement to the space. 

Hollywood Glamour

This style dates back to the 1930’s celebrating the decadence and extravagance of an age gone by. 
It’s a mix of styles without being too busy.

You may see touches of neoclassical, mid-century, art deco or boutique hotel. Think classic colours
and sumptuous fabrics, Greek key and trellis patterns and geometrics, as well as animal prints, art deco and neoclassical motifs.

Low profile furniture pieces and various seating zones encourage celebration and conversation.
It’s a perfect look for a formal sitting room where the focus is around entertaining.

Home Office

This home office mood board is a variation on a board I created for a new client. I wanted
to make it feminine without being too pretty. It’s quite a neutral palette but I’ve added rust
and peach to give it some depth and layered floor rugs to ensure a warm and inviting space.

Storage is important in a workspace, but rather than doing custom made cabinetry
which can be expensive, I’ve opted for a mid-priced off the shelf option which works
for reference books, binders,printers and other items.

Selected decorator pieces, colours and textures help soften the space and add personality.
There are so many inexpensive options available to ensure your home office is a place you’ll love.