Furniture Stylist

This is great if you don’t know where to start when choosing and buying furniture. I’ll be your Furniture Stylist and guide you through the entire process, from furniture selection, purchase, furniture placement and styling. With over 20 years in the high-end custom furniture industry, I have done everything from designing furniture ranges with boutique craftspeople to sourcing and buying furniture, fabric selection and creating bespoke retail interiors.

Step 1. Call, text or email me, so we can make a time to have an initial chat about your project.

Step 2. During our initial chat I can get a feel for your project and we’ll make a time to meet onsite.

Step 3. At our onsite meeting we can discuss options for your space and talk furniture styles and colour palettes. I’ll then go away and brainstorm ideas and come up with a custom design plan for your space, with selected furniture. If there’s something in the plan you don’t absolutely love, we can talk about other options.

Step 4. I’ll order and co-ordinate delivery of your furniture and ensure everything runs smoothly on delivery days. I’ll then organise a final onsite visit to ensure everything works perfectly within your space and you’re 100% happy with the result.

+ Initial call to discuss your project
+ Onsite meeting and brainstorm session
+ Custom designed list of furniture and furnishings
+ Custom designed floorplan with furniture in place
+ Ordering and co-ordination of deliveries
+ Access to my preferred furniture and decor suppliers
+ Trade or exclusive pricing where available


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