Frequently asked questions about the Proud Mary Interior Stylist Melbourne process, charges, time, services and more can all be found here. If you can’t find the answers to your questions, send me a message today. I’ll be happy to help!

Prices for Proud Mary Stylist’s services start from $175 an hour for styling projects.

I offer clients a combination of a fixed fee and an hourly rate dependant on the size and type of project.

I charge $450 for a 2 hr Design Consultation which are tailored to suit each client and their particular needs. Find out more about this service here.

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The length of time will vary depending on the scope of the project, but we’re happy to work to realistic deadlines. Design only projects may take a few weeks but larger projects that include furniture selection may take 4-6 months. This is one of the things we’ll discuss in more detail during the Design Consultation.

This will depend on how much involvement you would like to have. We can manage the entire project with very little commitment from the client aside from making decisions on what Proud Mary proposes.

A number of my clients have started with one room, but as the project progresses and we get to know each other, the trust is built and the project grows too. My clients are amazed at how much work goes into a project even if it’s just one room! They begin to understand the value a designer brings to their project.

Proud Mary passes on all trade discounts to the client and we don’t add any fees on top of the discounts. Trade discounts start at 5% from small retailers up to wholesale pricing, which is shared between Proud Mary and the client.

We’re a Melbourne based design company, but for mood boards, furniture selection, colour consultation, fixtures, fittings and finishes we work all over Australia.

We like to collaborate with our clients to bring to life their ideas rather than dictating what we believe their home should look like or how it should function. However, we often have clients who don’t necessarily have a vision for their home so then we’ll delve into your lifestyle, personal style and design styles that resonate with you. We’ve worked on mid-century designed apartments, Victorian terraces and 80s apartments, which have all had different requirements.

Proud Mary works within 20km of the bayside suburbs of Melbourne. However, please contact me if you’re outside this area to discuss your project as we have many options for digital and online consultations and project management.

Proud Mary is very happy to take clients on shopping trips to view selected pieces and offer advice and suggestions. This is charged at an hourly rate.

As with any business you’re only as successful as the people you surround yourself with. We work with a core group of trusted trades and suppliers. We can coordinate the trades on your behalf, or we’re happy to make introductions between yourself and the trades.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of the design consultation.

Project Budget – determining the project budget from the start saves time, money and frustration. It’s much easier to work within a budget from the start instead of beginning the process and finding after many hours of work on the design concept that the ideas won’t work for your budget.

Your lifestyle and aesthetic – Create a mood board, Pinterest board or compile images from magazines. Anything that resonates with your own style or that we can draw inspiration from. This should be the fun part of the process and it’s a valuable tool for the designer.

Consider what you love or hate about your home and list them down. Also consider what the priorities are for you, especially if we’re working within a limited budget. For example, do you feel that the layout of the living/dining area isn’t functioning? Maybe you feel your entire home is too neutral and you’d like to inject some colour and life? Are you preparing for a growing family or becoming an empty nester?