Floor Coverings

Selecting appropriate floor coverings is a critical decision in the creation of inspiring living spaces. The variety of choices, including carpet, floorboards, tiles, and rugs, demands a tailored approach, considering the distinct needs of different areas within a home. As an experienced interior designer and stylist, I specialise in guiding clients through this process, understanding that what suits one area may not be suitable for another.

In high-traffic zones, floorboards stand out as a durable and stylish choice. Whether you’re considering refinishing existing floorboards or sourcing new or recycled floorboards, or even opting for engineered boards, I provide expertise to help you navigate these options efficiently.

When it comes to tiles, the array of finishes, colours, and sizes available can be overwhelming. I assist in simplifying this decision-making process by offering insights into what suits your space best, considering both functional and aesthetic aspects.

The carpet selection process often involves weighing the pros and cons of loop pile and cut pile variations. Understanding that cut pile carpets are trimmed loop piles, I guide clients towards practical choices, especially in areas with high foot traffic, kids, or pets. Loop pile, being more durable and forgiving of marks and footprints, presents a sensible option for such spaces.

Rugs, often underestimated, play a crucial role in defining a space. Selecting the right size is pivotal in maintaining proportion and balance within a room. As an interior designer, I provide guidance on choosing the perfect-sized rug that not only complements the space but also grounds and enhances the overall aesthetic.

For more ideas and recommendations on all types of floor coverings, please get in touch.

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