Hello, design enthusiasts. Welcome back to the Proud Mary Stylist blog. Today, we’re sharing some tips to help you get the most out of your interior design project. Whether you’re updating your living
wooden sideboard on wooden floorboards by choices flooring
The most amazing thing happened to me last year. I was approached by Choices Flooring to see if I’d be interested in styling their up
joy serving bowl
I love an occasion where I can dress up and style a unique matching dining table. Easter, Halloween or Christmas and I’m all over it!
mixing metals in your home
Mixing different metals in your kitchen or bathroom and throughout your home can create an interesting and unique aesthetic. Howev
Top 10 Decorating Tips
So, you’ve made the decision to start decorating. Before you rush off and start purchasing, take some time to think about what you really need and what will work in the
choosing the right rug for your space
Not many people realise the difference a rug can make in a space. The right design and size can transform any room. Most importantly it helps to define a space and anch
tips for buying a new sofa
There are few purchases more fun than buying a brand new sofa. There is also a fair amount of stress involved! You have to decide what colour to get, what fabric will best suit your lifestyle and wher