Bespoke Soft Furnishings & Upholstery

At the beginning of my journey as an interior designer and stylist, I became fascinated with sourcing unique cushions. Disappointed by the limited options available in stores, I started crafting custom cushions using carefully chosen premium fabrics and trims. Teaming up with skilled artisans, we created these special cushions, appreciated by my friends and subsequently offered to clients as a cherished collection of bespoke soft furnishings.

Upholstery holds a remarkable ability to revive vintage pieces while maintaining their character. Custom fabric sourcing breathes new life into heirloom furniture, offering a solution to personalise pieces through colour, style, and texture. This process transforms these items into standout showpieces, adding a unique touch to your space.

Working closely with expert upholsterers, I’ve restored numerous pieces, ensuring they become treasured possessions passed down through generations. This dedication not only showcases their endurance but also reflects your unique style and story.

The creation of bespoke cushions and upholstery revitalization merge artistry and personalisation, crafting items that transcend mere functionality, becoming symbols of individuality and style, creating spaces that tell a unique story. This unique service allows me to offer quality cushions, upholstery, and personalized home styling services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s sourcing unique cushions or reviving vintage pieces through upholstery, I aim to bring a personal touch to your living spaces that reflects your individual style.

I pride myself on delivering custom solutions that honour the character of your furniture, from bespoke cushion creation to expert upholstery restoration. These services reflect the importance of preserving the uniqueness and individuality of your home. As an experienced interior designer and stylist, I offer a range of services from sourcing exquisite cushions to reviving heirloom pieces through upholstery, ensuring a personalised touch in every aspect of your home design.

This dedication to personalised services ensures that each piece reflects not just quality and craftsmanship but also the personal narrative of your home. The ability to source exquisite cushions and provide expert upholstery services aims to elevate your space, making it not only stylish but uniquely yours. This service emphasises the importance of preserving the essence of each piece, providing an individual and personalized touch to your home.

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